István Hajnal

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Hajnal, István


Born July 3, 1892, in Nagykikinda, now Kikinda, Yugoslavia; died June 16, 1956, in Budapest. Hungarian historian. Academician of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences from 1939 to 1949; corresponding member from 1928.

Hajnal was a professor at the University of Budapest from 1921 to 1956. His principal work was conducted in the subsidiary historical disciplines, especially paleography. Hajnal coauthored the collective work A General History.


Wellmann, J. “Hajnal István. Századok a magyar történelme társulatközlönyi, 1956, nos. 4–6.
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This is the second volume in a series of English-language occasional papers on East Central European social history, sponsored by the "Istvan Hajnal Circle" [Hajnal Istvan Kor], named after the prominent Hungarian social historian, Istvan Hajnal (1892-1956).
The last article is by the namesake of the "Istvan Hajnal Circle" himself, which was written and published in the early 1940s, and which deals with the process and nature of transformation of an "estate society" into a "class society." The editor of this volume asserts that, even though written fifty years earlier, Hajnal's study can still serve as a model for "doing" good social history.