Taisuke Itagaki

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Itagaki, Taisuke


Born Apr. 17, 1837, in Kochi; died July 16, 1919. Japanese politician.

Itagaki participated in the abortive bourgeois revolution of 1867–68. He held several high government posts from 1868 to 1873, when he became leader of the liberal movement. Itagaki called for the adoption of a constitution and parliamentary form of government. In 1881 he organized the first bourgeois political party, the Jiyuto (Liberal Party), and was its president from 1881 to 1884. He was minister of internal affairs from 1896 to 1898. Itagaki retired from politics in 1900.

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The Freedom and People's Rights Movement began there under the leadership of Itagaki Taisuke (1837-1919), "father of Japanese democracy." His efforts, and those of many others, led to the coining of the phrase "Freedom comes from the mountains of Tosa." (8)
Ito Hirobumi, Saionji Kinmochi, Okuma Shigenobu, Shibusawa Eiichi, Itagaki Taisuke and other business and political leaders were impressed.
These include the ancient or mythical statesmen Takeuchi Sukune, Wakeno Kiyomaro, Shotoku-Taishi, Sugawara Michizane, Fujiwara Kamatari, and Yamato Takeru No Mikoto; the modern politicians Iwakura Tomomi, Ito Hirobumi, Itagaki Taisuke, and Takahashi Korekiyo; the early nineteenth-century agricultural reformer Ninomiya Sontoku; (26) an unnamed Japanese knight on horseback; and, on four images, the god of fortune Daikoku.