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Sitting proudly, and so it should, it is a perfectly preserved piece of ancient Italian architecture.
House models on offer were inspired by Italian architecture.
Inspired by Italian architecture and influenced by Scandinavian ceramics, this modern tea set has a masculine marble print that's softened by streamlined shapes and a smooth porcelain finish.
The two storey palace is inspired by Italian architecture is popular for its exquisite wooden facades, royal suits engraved with Japanese drawings, and its tinted glass drawings.
Descriptions of the Italian architecture and scenery lend ambiance and credence: the landscape and conspicuous consumption reflected in Connecticut, circa 2007, is fleshed out as well.
To represent the essence of Italy in the new collection, the designer studied Italian architecture, monuments, and everyday lifestyles but elected to draw inspiration from the countrys landscapes, eventually focusing on the terraces of Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera.
Excelsior Hotel Gallia's renovation has been handled by Italian architecture firm Studio Marco Piva and combines Belle Epoche architecture with modern design.
Still running, meanwhile, is the exhibition Small Utopias at the Architecture Research Centre of the University of Nicosia until next Friday where you can take a look at Italian architecture of the third millennium through architectural studies presented by ten groups of architects.
Partnering with the Italian architecture studio WT Project, The Hotel Show will introduce the 'Future Hotel' -- sustainable design feature.
It's an elegant town, which features delightful Italian architecture and plenty of great restaurants specialising in fish dishes.

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