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hipped roof, hip roof

A roof comprising adjacent flat surfaces that slope upward from all sides of the perimeter of the building, requiring a hip rafter along each intersection of the inclined surfaces; also see pyramidal roof.
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A fashion for Italianate architecture, previously popular in the 16th and 17th centuries, returned and elaborate stone features such as expansive staircases, ornamental urns and follies were incorporated into gardens like those at Trentham in Staffordshire, designed by Sir Charles Barry from 1830.
The building had previously been the Armoury, opened in 1848 and one of the town's first examples of Italianate architecture.
As the name implies, here we have strongly Italianate architecture, behind rather attractive iron gates.
But by the sixteenth century, clear glass was used extensively in houses for the rich in Holland and England, creating potentially new forms of relationship between interior and exterior which were increasingly masked by the fashion for Italianate architecture that, derived from a country generally much hotter than north-west Europe, naturally had a much greater proportion of solid to void in elevations than was necessary further north.
Taylor Woodrow's Fairbanks Highlands delivers maximum star power with an eclectic collection of luxury estates, which blends Spanish Colonial, Early California, and Italianate architecture. The three models range in size from 3,871 to 5,463 square feet, and prices start at $855,000 and go to $1,010,000.
This lovely five-story mansion has Italianate architecture throughout the interior, beautiful inlaid floors, 12-foot ceilings, a garden, a terrace and 25-foot, two-story extension deigned by Stanford White.
Designed in Italianate architecture, the mansion has a belvedere and Renaissance-style balustrades.
The idea of the study was to determine the depth and scope of renovations that were needed to restore the mansion as both a museum of the Temperance movement and 19th century Italianate architecture.
Parc Howard Mansion, Llanelli in 1924 Parc Howard mansion as it is today, a gem of classic Italianate architecture