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, river, c.750 mi (1,207 km) long, rising in the mountains of Mato Grosso state, W Brazil. It flows northwest through rain forest and forms part of the Brazil-Bolivia border before joining the Mamoré River. The river is also called Iténez.
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(2013) found maximum TPs between 2.41 and 2.99 for piscivore species in the basin of river Itenez (Bolivia), but they used the detritivore/algivore C.
A febrile hemorrhagic illness developed in a 19-year-old man from Huacaraje, Itenez Province (13[degrees]33'S, 63[degrees]45'W).
Study was carried out in four sub-basins (Itenez, Beni, Madre de Dios e Ichilo) from the Bolivian Amazon Basin.
In 2012 the Andean Medical Mission was the first ever ophthalmology team to travel to Itenez in El Beni.
The species was originally described from La Granja (13[degrees]18' S, 64[degrees]09' W, below 200 m), west bank of Rio Itonamas, 4 km north of Magdalena, Province of Itenez, Department of Beni, Bolivia (Pine, 1975).
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