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Greece: see IthákiItháki
or Ithaca
, island (1991 pop. 3,082), c.37 sq mi (96 sq km), W Greece, one of the Ionian Islands. It is mountainous, rising to c.2,650 ft (810 m) at Mt. Anoyi, and has little arable land. The chief products are olive oil, currants, and wine.
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(ĭth`əkə), city (1990 pop. 29,541), seat of Tompkins co., S central N.Y., at the southern end of Cayuga Lake, in the Finger Lakes region; settled 1789, inc. as a city 1888. It is important chiefly as an educational center, the seat of Cornell (including divisions of the State Univ. of New York) and Ithaca College. Manufactures include computer-controlled valves and pumps, computer hardware and software, steel, chains, sprockets, and timing belts. Ithaca is a major producer of salt in the state, and, with access to the New York State Canal System, it is an inland shipping point. Tourism in the Finger Lakes area is also important to the city's economy.
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a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, the smallest of the Ionian Islands: regarded as the home of Homer's Odysseus. Area: 93 sq. km (36 sq. miles)
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An Esprit project to put a "4th generation" object-oriented system to practical use in an industrial environment. The ITHACA environment offers an application support system incorporating advanced technologies in the fields of object-oriented programming, programming languages, database technologies, user interface systems and software development tools.
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The Ithaka Organisational Leadership Programme is aimed at SMEs throughout the region who have the chance to gain a recognised qualification from Coventry University.
But the comedy in these scenes consists not so much in inversions or parodies of heroism as in its bracketing: our awareness of great Odysseus's heroic identity as a performer of martial deeds on the plains of Troy and even as the eventual avenger in Ithaka never fades, but in these scenes of return, to civilization, to his homeland, he is placed in situations in which heroism in not called for.
There are numerous reports and analyses of the implications of open access for academic publishing, including the Ithaka Report on "University Publishing in a Digital Age" in the United States (Brown, Griffiths, and Rascoff), "Digital Technology Innovation in Scholarly Communication and University Engagement" in Canada (Lorimer et al.), and, most recently, the Finch Report on "Accessibility, Sustainability, Excellence: How to Expand Access to Research Publications" in the United Kingdom (Finch).
2 Rector Street has already attracted a handful of new tenants: not-for-profit organization Ithaka recently signed a 25,463 s/f office lease in the building.
Taylor Walsh, writing on behalf of Ithaka S+R, a not-for-profit strategy and research service that supports innovation in the academic community (, has chronicled the development of key initiatives in this online courseware space.
Finally, we consider parallels between Odysseus's intricate negotiations with Arete on Skheria and his trajectory with Penelope on Ithaka.
Successful companies currently located at NETPark include Durham University spin-out Kromek, Ithaka Life Sciences and Durham Mag-Lev.
Sixteen years later he has yet to return, and his kingdom, Ithaka, is suffering a slow decline while suitors line up at the door of his wife, Penelopeia.
Science publishing has undergone a sea-change with 'changes in creation, production and consumption of scholarly resources 'creation of new formats made possible by digital technologies, ultimately allowing scholars to work in deeply integrated electronic research and publishing environments that will enable real-time dissemination, collaboration, dynamically-updated content, and usage of new media' and 'alternative distribution models (institutional repositories, pre-print servers, open access journals) have also arisen with the aim to broaden access, reduce costs, and enable open sharing of content' (Ithaka Report, 2007, p.
Adele Geras gave us brilliant evocations of the ancient world with Troy and Ithaka. With Dido (09) she again takes a classical setting and story and breathes freshness, and above all an up-to-date connection, into the people and the places whilst skilfully remaining faithful to her sources.
We headed for Vathi on the island of Ithaka, a picturesque port with one of the world's deepest natural harbours.