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city (1990 pop. 71,223), Shizuoka prefecture, central Honshu, Japan, on the Izu Peninsula and the Sagami Sea. It is an important fishing port and hot spring resort.
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Prince Hirobumi . 1841--1909, Japanese statesman; premier (1884--88; 1892--96; 1898; 1900--01). He led the movement to modernize Japan and helped to draft the Meiji constitution (1889); assassinated
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A natural element that, combined with tin, is widely used as a transparent wire. Indium-tin-oxide (ITO) electrodes are attached to the glass plates that sandwich the liquid crystals in LCD displays. They are also used in OLED displays and solar cells. Indium is not mined directly, rather it is extracted from the refuse when zinc and other materials are refined. See LCD and OLED.
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On March 4, 2016, the SHC, in its order pertaining to Khalid Mansoor, FBR and others, ruled that only shares purchased after listing of the company would be considered as securities while those purchased before listing would not be considered as securities and would entail CGT as per Section 37a of ITO applicable to shares.
Ito ay para saPhilippine National Railways projectna dating maanomalyangrailway projectni Gloria Arroyo noong 2002 angTutuban-Malolos PNR Project.
Despite the importance of the first three factors, "the common-law element of control remains the 'principal guidepost.'" Here, ITO El Paso sponsored plaintiff's visa application and claimed plaintiff as an employee on multiple state and federal reporting forms over a number of years.
"It was not only important for us to revitalize abandoned farmland, but to also cultivate a new generation of tea farmers as we were seeing the older generation retire without a generation to follow," said Rona Tison, vp, corporate relations and PR, ITO EN North America.
Though Ito's horror is mostly idea-driven, his art lends a critical element to the stories.
For more information on Kala, to view the white paper, or to participate in the ITO, visit
The relative transmittance spectra of ITO thin films deposited at different oxygen flow rates were measured.
In order to grow ITO NWs, a thin Ni film (5 nm) was deposited before the sputtering of the ITO [11,21,22].
Figure 4 shows the tapping mode AFM images of the ZnO layer on the ITO electrode and the Mo[O.sub.3]/Ag electrode, respectively.
In this paper, IAI and ZAZ were fabricated and the growth of Ag layer on ITO and that on AZO were compared.
The design will factor in the new subways constructed by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation that serve as the entry/ exit points to the ITO Metro station.
The ITO nanoparticles and AIBN powder were loaded into a reaction vessel equipped with a sealing apparatus and a monomer-loading reservoir.