Jugurthine War

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Jugurthine War


a war between Rome and the Numidian king Jugurtha that lasted from 111 B.C. to 105 B.C.

In the early days of the war, the Romans enjoyed military success, but Jugurtha obtained a peace settlement by bribing the Roman commanders and thus retained his kingdom. In 110, however, military operations resumed. Having defeated a Roman army under A. Postumius in 109, Jugurtha concluded an agreement with Postumius that recognized Jugurtha as an ally of the Roman people and the leader of the free tribes and tribes that were dependent on Numidia. The treaty was rejected in Rome, however, and fighting resumed. In 109, Jugurtha suffered a serious defeat on the Muthul River and was forced to adopt guerrilla warfare. Jugurtha’s forces were defeated in 107 and decisively routed in 106 by G. Marius.

As a result of the Jugurthine War, Numidia’s dependence on Rome increased. Numidia was partitioned; the western part of the territory was given to King Bocchus of Mauretania as a reward for having handed Jugurtha over to Rome, and the eastern part was given to a feeble-minded relative of Jugurtha’s.

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