Iulai Aznalin

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Iulai Aznalin


Born 1730; died circa 1797 in Rogerwick, now Paldiski, Estonian SSR. Participant in the Peasant War led by E. I. Pugachev and father of Salavat Iulaev.

In 1768, Iulai became a starshina (administrator) in the volost (small rural district) of Shaitan-Kudei in Ufa District. Under his son’s influence, in December 1773 he joined Pugachev and assumed command of a Bashkir detachment that was operating in the Southern Urals. In November 1774 he surrendered to government troops. After an investigation in Moscow and Ufa, Iulai was lashed, branded, and, on Oct. 2, 1775, exiled for life at hard labor in Rogerwick.


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