Iulian Liublinskii

Liublinskii, Iulian Kazimirovich


Born Nov. 6 (17), 1798, in the village of Liublinets, near Novograd-Volynskii; died Aug. 26 (Sept. 7), 1873, in St. Petersburg. Russian revolutionary and Decembrist. Nobleman owning a small estate.

Liublinskii entered the University of Warsaw in 1819. He was banished to his home because of his ties with Polish revolutionaries. In 1823 he founded the Society of United Slavs with the brothers Petr and Andrei Borisov and had a part in drawing up its platform. In 1826 he was sentenced to three years at hard labor in the Decembrist case, and he spent this time at the Nerchinsk mines; he then lived at an exile settlement in Irkutsk Province. He returned to his home under the amnesty of 1856, and in 1872 he moved to St. Petersburg.


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