Iulian VasilEvich Sokhotskii

Sokhotskii, Iulian Vasil’Evich


Born Jan. 24 (Feb. 5), 1842, in Warsaw; died Dec. 14, 1927, in Leningrad. Russian mathematician.

Sokhotskii graduated in 1866 from the University of St. Petersburg and became a professor there in 1873. His principal works dealt with the theory of functions of a complex variable. In his master’s dissertation, “Theory of Integral Residues and Applications” (1868), he formulated and proved a theorem on the behavior of analytic functions in the neighborhood of an essential singularity. In his doctoral dissertation, “On Definite Integrals and Functions Used in Expansions in Series” (1873), he studied the boundary values of Cauchy integrals under extremely general conditions. These results were of importance for applications in mechanics. Sokhotskii was the author of the textbook Advanced Algebra (part 1, Solution of Numerical Equations, 1882; part 2, Principles of Number Theory, 1888).


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