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in the New Testament, centurion in whose charge Paul was sent to Rome.
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29) Faintsimmer worked as assistant director on Vsevolod Pudovkin's Konets Sankt-Peterburga [The End of St Petersburg] (1927) and Iulii Raizman's Katorga [Exile] (1928), before going on to be Belgoskino's 'house director' throughout the 1930s.
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While the result clearly indicates why the subject engaged the sympathy of Getzler as biographer of the Menshevik Iulii Martov and chronicler of the anti-Bolshevik Kronstadt uprising, there is more than enough to justify its appearance beyond any sectarian interpretation of the Russian Revolution.
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20) For example, the Aedes Divi Iulii, before which were set up rostra captured from Actium (Dio 51.
Witte loved and deeply admired his maternal uncle, who became a father figure after Iulii Fedorovich Witte's untimely death in 1868.
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