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in the New Testament, centurion in whose charge Paul was sent to Rome.
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Datum Romae, e sede Supremi Signaturae Apostolicae Tribunalis, die 3 iulii 2004.
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(29) Faintsimmer worked as assistant director on Vsevolod Pudovkin's Konets Sankt-Peterburga [The End of St Petersburg] (1927) and Iulii Raizman's Katorga [Exile] (1928), before going on to be Belgoskino's 'house director' throughout the 1930s.
While the result clearly indicates why the subject engaged the sympathy of Getzler as biographer of the Menshevik Iulii Martov and chronicler of the anti-Bolshevik Kronstadt uprising, there is more than enough to justify its appearance beyond any sectarian interpretation of the Russian Revolution.
12), des ruines romaines (aedificium priscum Iulii Caesaris, p.
(20) For example, the Aedes Divi Iulii, before which were set up rostra captured from Actium (Dio 51.19.2), and the Curia Julia, with its figures of Victoria (Dio 51.22.1), both opened in 29 B.C.
According to a 1965 KGB memorandum, Malia had brought Oksman tamizdat works by Abram Terts and Nikolai Arzhak, who would soon be famously revealed--and sent to the Gulag--as the Soviet writers Andrei Siniavskii and Iulii Daniel'.
Quam adversus amotionem Rev.dus Presbyter die 3 iunii 2013 remonstrationem interposuit, qua reiecta, die 12 iulii 2013 coram hac Signatura Apostolica hierarchicum proposuit recursum.