Iulii Meitus

Meitus, Iulii Sergeevich


Born Jan. 15 (28), 1903, in Elizavetgrad, present-day Kirovograd. Soviet composer. People’s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1973); Honored Art Worker of the Turkmen SSR (1944). Member of the CPSU (1954).

Meitus graduated from S. S. Bogatyrev’s composition class at the Kharkov Institute of Musical Drama in 1931. He composed 13 operas, including Abadan (coauthor A. Kuliev, 1943, Ashkhabad, 2nd version, 1973), Leili and Medzhnun (coauthor D. Oviaza, 1946, Ashkhabad), The Young Guard (1947, Kiev; 2nd version, 1950, Leningrad; State Prize of the USSR, 1951), Stolen Happiness (1960, L’vov), The UVianov Brothers (1967, Ufa), Anna Karenina (1970), laroslav the Wise (1973, Donetsk), and Richard Sorge (1974). He also wrote the Turkmen Sym-phony, five suites, symphonic poems, works for choir and orchestra and for instrumental ensembles, numerous romances and ballads, and music for films. He has been awarded two orders and a number of medals.


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