ancient Greece: see KéaKéa
or Keos
, Lat. Ceos, island (1991 pop. 1,787), c.61 sq mi (160 sq km), SE Greece, in the Aegean Sea; one of the Cyclades. Fruits, barley, and silk are produced. Kéa, the main town, is situated on the site of ancient Iulis.
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This paper argues that the Alexandrian physicians Erasistratus of Iulis and Herophilus of Chalcedon adopted an Aristotelian analysis of the composition of organic bodies into three levels, namely, elements, uniform parts, and nonuniform parts.
White (Associate Professor of Classics at The University Of Texas at Austin), is an anthology of highly scholarly essays revolving around the Greek philosophical School of Aristotle in general, and the philosophical works of Aristo of Iulis on Ceos in particular.
15) En sus relatos, tanto Tzvi Iulis como Lilaj Galil emplean la figura de los protagonistas de Don Quijote con funcion parodica y de pastische.
Ein Burgerliste von Koresia und Iulis auf Keos," ZPE 48, pp.
So wrote Simonides, the well-traveled poet from Iulis on Ceos.