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in the New Testament, centurion in whose charge Paul was sent to Rome.
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The currency of the issue in early Jacobean England is testified for instance by the presence of similar ideas in Robert Fletcher's The Nine English Worthies (London, 1606): "If Iulius Caesar could have beene a King / With conquest which his Romaine Legions made, / By blody bodkins he should not the sting / Have felt of death in powerfull Senates shade.
The largest shopping area is located alongside the Suceava river floodplain, along the axis of Suceava Shopping City-Carrefour hypermarket and Iulius Mall with Auchan hypermarket, with both opened in 2008, in addition to shopping areas represented by hypermarkets and supermarkets.
Iulius redivivus is per se easier to approach for modern readers.
Florentina, 32, and Iulius, 35, who both work as support workers for Wirral Autistic Society, had been renting a home in Bebington.
Caius Iulius Caesar (30/08/2005) Nombre de un destacado politico romano, tocayo de un diputado aleman.
Iulius Aquila, a Bithynian procurator, replaced Mithridates VIII with Cotys I on the Bosporan throne.
Suetonius Tranquillus, Dion Cassius, Aelius Spartianus, Iulius Capitolinus, Aelius Lampridius, Vulcatius Gallicanus, Trebellius Pollio, Flauius Vopiscus, Herodianus, Sex.
The present characters are real and historical: Curiatius Maternus, (4) brilliant orator, poet, tragedy graph, Marcus Aper (5) and Iulius Secundus, (6) talented lawyers and admirers of eloquence, Vipstanus Messalla, (7) a cultivated noble, partisan of literary and social circles already consecrated.
La del testero del fondo "era de Julio Cesar, con esta letra: DIVVS IULIUS CAESAR.
Divus iulius 42, 3--se puede concluir que la figura descrita por ellos, constituye en el derecho romano una excepcion al principio aliud pro alio invito creditori nemo solvere potest.