Iuridicheskii Vestnik

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Iuridicheskii Vestnik


(Legal Herald), a monthly journal published, without prior censorship, in Moscow by the Moscow Legal Society between 1867 and 1892. It did not appear from July to December 1868 and from January to March 1871.

The journal’s editors included N. V. Kalachov, M. M. Kovalevskii, and S. A. Muromtsev. Iuridicheskii vestnik, which brought together liberal professors at Moscow University, published articles on issues pertaining to law, political economy, statistics, finance, and zemstvo (district or provincial assembly) and city self-government. Its contributors, who included N. I. Ziber, A. I. Chuprov, and N. A. Kablukov, called for moderate political reforms. The journal’s tenth number for 1888 contained a letter from K. Marx to the editors of Otechestvennye zapiski in reply to N. K. Mikhailovskii’s article “Karl Marx as Judged by Iu. G. Zhukovskii.” luridicheskii vestnik ceased publication, by decision of the legal society, when it was placed under prior censorship.


Ukazatel’ k zhumalu “luridicheskii vestnik” 1867–1892. Moscow, 1895.
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