Iurii Bezzubtsev

Bezzubtsev, Iurii


Dates of birth and death unknown. A participant in the serf uprising of 1606–07, led by 1.1. Bolotnikov; the head of a cossack and serf detachment and a serf, who came from the pomeshchiki (fief holders) of Putivl’.

Bezzubtsev took part in the battle near Kromy (August 1606), the march on Moscow, and its siege. He remained loyal to Bolotnikov after the departure of the dvorianstvo (nobility or gentry) detachments under the leadership of I. Pashkov and P. Liapunov. V. Shuiskii tried to use Bezzubtsev in negotiations with residents of Kaluga who were prolonging their armed resistance. In 1609, Bezzubtsev worked on the side of False Dmitrii II. In the fall of 1611 he was mentioned among the military commanders of the detachments which had come to liberate Moscow from Polish interventionists.