Iurii Nikolaevich Glazkov

Glazkov, Iurii Nikolaevich


Born Oct. 2, 1939, in Moscow. Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR; colonel of the engineer troops. Hero of the Soviet Union (1977). Candidate of technical sciences (1974). Member of the CPSU since 1966.

Glazkov served in the air force after graduating from the Kharkov Higher Military Aviation and Engineering School in 1962. He was named a cosmonaut in 1965. From Feb. 7 to Feb. 25, 1977, flying with V. V. Gorbatko, Glazkov was flight engineer aboard Soyuz 24. On February 8, the spacecraft docked with the Salyut 5 space station, which had been orbiting the earth since June 22, 1976. Glazkov’s flight time was 17 days 17 hr 26 min.

Glazkov has been awarded the Order of Lenin and various medals.