Iurii Perepelkin

Perepelkin, Iurii Iakovlevich


Born May 19 (June 1), 1903, in St. Petersburg. Soviet Egyptologist. Doctor of historical sciences (1969).

Perepelkin graduated from the department of linguistics and material culture of Leningrad University in 1927. In 1948 he became a senior research worker in the Leningrad section of the Institute of Oriental Studies. His main works are devoted to the socioeconomic history of ancient Egypt at the time of the Old Kingdom and to the reforms of Amenhotep IV (Ikhnaton).


Chastnaia sobstvennost’ v predstavlenii egiptian Starogo tsarstva. Moscow-Leningrad, 1966.
Perevorot Amen-khotpa IV, part 1. Moscow, 1967.
Taina Zolotogo groba. Moscow, 1968.