Iurii Solovev

Solov’ev, Iurii Vladimirovich


Born Aug. 10, 1940, in Leningrad; died there Jan. 12, 1977. Soviet ballet dancer. People’s Artist of the USSR (1973).

Solov’ev, a pupil of B. V. Shavrov, graduated from the Leningrad Choreographic School in 1958 and joined the company of the Leningrad S. M. Kirov Theater of Opera and Ballet. His roles included Siegfried in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, Albrecht in Adam’s Giselle, Solor in Minkus’ La Bayadère, Ferkhad in Melikov’s Legend of Love, and God in Petrov’s The Creation of the World.

Solov’ev received the Prix Nijinsky of the Paris Academy of Dance (1963) and the Gold Star of the International Dance Festival in Paris (1965).