Iurino Cattle

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Iurino Cattle


a breed of dairy and beef cattle. It was developed during the 19th century in Nizhny Novgorod Province by crossing local cattle with the Tirolean, Krasnaia Gorbatov, Brown Swiss, and Aligäu breeds. It is named after the village of Iurino (now an urban-type settlement in the Mari ASSR).

The Iurino is not large but has a strong skeleton. Its coloration is brown or red or various shades in between. The bulls weigh 750–850 kg, and the cows, 450–500 kg. The average milk yield is 2,500–3,000 kg, with a record yield of 6,500–6,800 kg. The fat content of the milk is 4.1–4.2 percent. The breed is raised in the Mari ASSR and Gorky Oblast.


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