Ivan Afanasevich Strelbitskii

Strel’bitskii, Ivan Afanas’evich


Born June 18 (30), 1828, in the village of Golenka, in what is now Romny Raion, Sumy Oblast; died there July 15 (28), 1900. Russian geodesist, cartographer, and military figure. General of the infantry (1899).

Strel’bitskii graduated from the Nikolai Academy of the General Staff in 1859. From 1865 to 1871 he was in charge of compiling the Thematic Map of European Russia, to a scale of 10 versts (10.7 km) to 1 inch. Besides European Russia, the map also depicted a significant part of Germany, the Balkan Peninsula, and Asia Minor. In 1865, Strel’bitskii was assigned to the Military Topography Division of the General Staff to produce a thematic map. He provided the first exact data on the area of Russia as a whole and in relation to its provinces and districts.


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