Ivan Andreev

Andreev, Ivan Ivanovich


Born 1880; died Dec. 16, 1919. Russian chemical technologist; founder of the Russian nitrogen industry.

In 1899, Andreev entered the University of St. Petersburg, but because he was a participant in the revolutionary movement, he was compelled to leave for Karlsruhe, where he received a diploma in chemical engineering from the Polytechnical Institute. After returning to his homeland, he conducted scientific-technical research. In 1915, to meet the needs of the defense industry, he investigated the conditions for deriving nitric acid by oxidizing ammonia in the presence of a catalyst. As a result, 1917 saw the opening of the first Russian plant for the production of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate by the Andreev process.


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The signing ceremony was attended by State Assembly deputies Il Tumen from the Arctic regions Elena Golomareva, Ivan Andreev and adviser to the general director of ALROSA, Sergei Chuvilin.
The minutes were signed by the General Director of Kozloduy NPP Ivan Andreev and the General Director of AO Rusatom Servis Evgeny Salkov.
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