Ivan Bogun

Bogun, Ivan


Died February 1664. Ukrainian political figure. Vinnitsa and Bratslav military commander. Close associate of Bogdan Khmel’nitskii in the war of liberation of the Ukrainian people, 1648–54.

From 1651 to 1653, Bogun defeated large Polish armed forces near Vinnitsa, Monastyrishche, and Zhvanets. In the summer of 1651 he was elected commanding hetmán near Berestechko. Between 1654 and 1657 he acted successfully against the Poles near Bratslav, Uman’, and other places and fought against the Tatars, who had been pillaging the Ukraine. After KhmeFnitskii’s death, Bogun stirred up an uprising against the traitorous hetman I. Vygovskii, defeating him in the autumn of 1659. He was arrested by the Polish gentry government on Feb. 17, 1664, and shot shortly thereafter. In 1918 one of the regiments of the N. A. Shchors Division was named after him.


Petrovskii, M. Ivan Bogun. [Saratov,] 1942.
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Tenders are invited for overhaul of the building of the reference educational institution establishment of the general secondary education of - degrees no.2 named after ivan bogun, city of yampil with the construction of a sports ground on svobody 154/2 in yampil, yampilsky district of vinnytsia region
The first Ukrainian-built hovercraft (construction of which had started in Soviet era but had not been completed until the Greek order), U421 Ivan Bogun, was finished and launched on in December 2000.
The Kiev military Lyceum named after Ivan Bogun will take girls to study in 2019.
About this on the air of the military radio "FM Army" told the head of the Kiev military lyceum named after Ivan Bogun Hero of Ukraine, Major-General Igor Hordiychuk:
Ivan Bogun, Hero of Ukraine, Major-General Igor Hordiychuk, and the participants honored their light memories and put flowers to the Bell of Remembrance.
Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine on European Integration, Lieutenant-General Anatoly Petrenko visited the Kiev military military school named after Ivan Bogun.
Also, soldiers from the Military Institute of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University and Ivan Bogun Kiev Lyceum participated in the event.