Ivan Efimovich Andreevskii

Andreevskii, Ivan Efimovich


Born Mar. 13 (25), 1831, in St. Petersburg; died May 20 (June 1), 1891, in St. Petersburg. Russian legal scholar. Specialist on the history of state law.

Andreevskii was a professor (from 1864) and rector (1883–87) of the University of St. Petersburg. From 1885 to 1891 he was director of the Archaeological Institute, and in 1890–91 he served as editor-in-chief of the Brockhaus-Efron Encyclopedia. Andreevskii was the author of studies on the history of old Novgorod (On the Treaty Between Novgorod, the German Cities, and Gotland, Concluded in 1270, 1855), as well as many courses of lectures and general works on the history of Russian law. Included among these are the following: On Deputies, Voevodas (Military Governors), and Governors (1864), Russian State Law, vol. 1 (1886), Police Law, vols. 1–2 (1871–73), all of which contain a great deal of factual detail. By conviction Andreevskii was a liberal and an advocate of bourgeois reforms.


Rudakov, V. E. Khronologicheskii ukazatel’ ucheno-literaturnykh trudov ...I.E. Andreevskogo. St. Petersburg, 1892.