Ivan Fedorovich Ovchina-Obolenskii-Telepnev

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Ovchina-Obolenskii-Telepnev, Ivan Fedorovich


Year of birth unknown; died 1539. Russian statesman, prince, and boyar (from 1534).

Ovchina-Obolenskii-Telepnev played a major role in government affairs as early as the reign of Grand Prince Vasilii III Ivanovich. After the latter’s death he became the favorite of Grand Princess Elena Glinskaia, regent during the childhood of

Ivan IV Vasil’evich. Her government, with Ovchina-Obolenskii-Telepnev as its de facto head, carried out a number of measures, such as a monetary reform, leading to administrative centralization. It also suppressed the revolt of appanage prince Andrei Staritskii and took action against several boyars, rivals of Ovchina-Obolenskii-Telepnev.

Ovchina-Obolenskii-Telepnev took part in negotiations with foreign ambassadors and in military campaigns, among them the Lithuanian war of 1534–37. After Elena Glinskaia’s death in 1538 he was imprisoned on orders from the Shuiskii boyars, who had seized power. He died in prison.


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