Ivan Generalic

Generalić, Ivan


Born Dec. 21, 1914, in the village of Hlebine. Croatian self-taught artist.

Generalić heads the so-called Hlebine school of national primitive painters. He paints landscapes, still lifes, and scenes of country life. His works, marked by a poetical perception of reality, are characterized by keen observation, ironic and grotesque traits, and patterns of soft colors— Štefa Halaček’s Funeral (1934, Zagreb Gallery of Modern Art) and Deer Going to a Wedding (1959, author’s property), for example.


Bašičević, D. Ivan Generalić. (Catalog.) Zagreb, 1962.


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In the former Yugoslavia, which was repeatedly ravaged by human conflict during the twentieth century, artists like Ivan Generalic depicted their country with a kind of painting that is tiffed with both longing and foreboding.
There is a piece about the artist Ivan Generalic, for example, whose painting style is characterized by the tight, hard-edged precision of the miniaturist.