Ivan Goremykin

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Goremykin, Ivan Logginovich


Born Oct. 27 (Nov. 8), 1839, in Novgorod; died Dec. II (24), 1917, in the Caucasus. Prominent figure in the government of tsarist Russia; a large landowner in Novgorod province.

Goremykin was the minister of internal affairs from 1895 to 1899. He carried out a policy of “counter reforms” and suppression of the workers’ movement. He became a member of the State Council in 1899, and in April 1906 he was appointed chairman of the Council of Ministers. He fought to preserve the stability of the autocracy and succeeded in having the first State Duma dissolved. In July 1906 he was replaced by P. A. Stolypin. From Jan. 30, 1914, to Jan. 20, 1916, he was again chairman of the Council of Ministers, carrying out the will of the palace clique headed by G. E. Rasputin. He maintained a hostile position toward the State Duma and the so-called progressive bloc.


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