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El prologo, firmado por Jean Robert y Roberto Ochoa, inicia asi: "Ivan Illich dejo este mundoel 2 de diciembre de 2002.
El pensamiento de Ivan Illich de Humberto Beck, sean afortunadas.
Here is only a piece of Illich's interpretation, an excerpt from David Cayley's The Rivers North of the Future: The Testament of Ivan Illich:
Ivan Illich (1926-2002), a Catholic priest, was a provocative social theorist in the late twentieth century.
(1.) Ivan Illich. Nemesis medica: La expropiacion de la salud.
(8) Bruno-Jofre, Rosa e Igelmo Zaldivar, Jon: <<The Center for Intercultural Formation, Cuernavaca, Mexico its Reports (1962-1967) and Ivan Illich's Critical Understanding of Mission in Latin America>>, Hispania Sacra, LXVI, extra II (2014), pp.
Rivers North of the Future: The Testament of Ivan Illich (2005) as told to David Cayley
Beyond economics and ecology: the radical thought of Ivan Illich.
The last three are Orla O'Donovan's look at Ivan Illich's Tools for Conviviality; Tina O'Toole's look at Adrienne Rieh's On Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence; and Hilary Tovey's essay on The Brundtland Committee's Our Common Future.
"It's what the green thinkers of the 1970s used to call an 'appropriate technology'--a phrase that I would love to see resurrected--and what the unjustly neglected philosopher Ivan Illich called a 'tool for conviviality.'" Illich (1926-2002), Kingsnorth notes, contrasted such tools with technologies that "created dependency; they took tools and processes out of the hands of individuals and put them into the metaphorical hands of organizations.
IVAN ILLICH, the maverick Catholic theologian, spent most of his life dissecting modern society's obsession with never-ending consumption.
O estatuto da medicalizacao e as interpretacoes de Ivan Illich e Michel Foucault como ferramentas conceituais para o estudo da desmedicalizacao.