Ivan Karpovich Golubets

Golubets, Ivan Karpovich


Born Apr. 25 (May 8), 1916, in Taganrog; died Mar. 25, 1942, in Sevastopol’. Senior sailor-borderguard, Hero of the Soviet Union (June 14, 1942, posthumously). Became a member of the All-Union Lenin Communist Youth League in 1933. The son of a worker.

In 1939, Golubets began to serve in the Novorossiisk border detachment, as the helmsman of a launch. On Mar. 25, 1942, the gas tank of the launch SKA-0121 blew up as the result of a direct hit during an artillery attack on Strelets Bay in Sevastopol’. The ship was engulfed by fire, and the ammunition began to burst. Golubets, serving on another launch, rushed to the burning ship and by hand threw over all the large bombs (a total weight of 1,320 kg). He was killed by the explosion of the small bombs, but he saved the ships standing alongside and their crews from destruction.