Ivan Kliushnikov

Kliushnikov, Ivan Petrovich


Born Dec. 2 (14), 1811, on the Krynytsa farmstead, in present-day Trostianets Raion, Sumy Oblast; died there Feb. 16 (28), 1895. Russian writer.

Kliushnikov was a friend of V. G. Belinskii and was active in the N. V. Stankevich circle. He was a contributor to Otechestvennye Zapiski and Sovremennik. Among his works published in contemporary periodicals were “Elegies” (1838; signed Θ), the short story “The Ghost of the First Husband, or the Married Widow” (1841), and the novella A Fairy Tale of Love (1849). Kliushnikov’s lyric works have a predominantly philosophical and romantic character.


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