Ivan Lendl

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Lendl, Ivan

(ēvän` lĕn`dəl), 1960–, Czech-American tennis player. After leading Czechoslovakia to its only Davis Cup championship (1980), he moved to the United States, and became one of the dominant singles players in professional tennis during the 1980s. Lendl was noted for his powerful forehand and serve and for his steely court demeanor, a marked contrast with the behavior of his early rivals Jimmy ConnorsConnors, Jimmy
(James Scott Connors, Jr.), 1952–, American tennis player, b. East St. Louis, Ill. A volatile, controversial, and fiercely competitive player, Connors was known for his theatrical conduct on the court as well as for his powerful two-handed backhand, strong
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 and John McEnroeMcEnroe, John Patrick, Jr.
, 1959–, American tennis player, b. Weisbaden, West Germany. He grew up in Douglaston, Queens, N.Y. After winning the National Collegiate Athletic Association singles title while a student at Stanford Univ.
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. He won eight major titles (the French Open in 1984 and 1986–87, the U.S. Open in 1985–87, and the Australian Open in 1989–90), among a total of 94 professional tour victories.
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There has been much speculation over who Murray will appoint next, with his regular hitting partner Dani But the Dunblane ace has been struggling for form since returning from a back injury and with Lendl ANDY MURRAY has admitted it was difficult to end his partnership with coach Ivan Lendl.
Incite par l'ancien joueur australien Darren Cahill a s'investir dans le coaching avec Andy Murray, Ivan Lendl s'etait donc remis dans le circuit, il y a an.
The appointment as coach of Ivan Lendl in January was a masterstroke by Murray and perhaps the most significant factor in his success at Flushing Meadows.
Hosted by Emmy-award winning Bay Area television journalist Doug McConnell, the gala event will feature entertainment by world-renowned performer Ivan Lendl.
By rule, the USGA does not allow parents to caddie for their children in junior events, something of a sore subject for Ivan Lendl.
1960: Ivan Lendl, 46, Czech-born American tennis player.
Federer, who earned $1,520,000, became the first player since Ivan Lendl in 1986-87 to win consecutive Masters Cup titles without losing a match.
1986 Ivan Lendl became the first tennis player to earn over $10 million in his lifetime.
You wouldn't think Stephen Warhover and Ivan Lendl have much in common.
Represented a who's who of top athletes in a variety of sports including Ivan Lendl and Michael Chang (tennis); Janet Evans (swimming); Karch Kiraly (volleyball); Shannon Miller (gymnastics) and his wife, Nancy Kerrigan (figure skating)
After the retirement of Murray's coach Ivan Lendl, speculations have been rife about various selectors who could be the next coach of the tennis ace.
TENNIS ANDY Murray is close to appointing a new coach having identied the person he wants to succeed Ivan Lendl.