Ivan Mikhailovich Gogolev

Gogolev, Ivan Mikhailovich


Born Jan. 18, 1930, in Viliuisk. Soviet Yakut writer; member of the CPSU since 1960.

Gogolev graduated from the M. Gorky Literary Institute in 1953. He began to be published in 1948. He published the poetry collections Calling Fires (1952), On a Long Road (1956; Russian translation, 1957), Lyncs (1965), and Sardana (1967) and the verse novel Sunny Mountain (1962). His narrative poems On the Pacific Ocean (1956), The Dearest (1958), and First Sparks (1964) are popular. He wrote the musical drama Valley of Fears and the collection of plays May Sky (1966).


Kïnattar. Yakutsk, 1959.
Pal’malaakh kïtïllar. Yakutsk, 1963.
Ïtïs jëjën. Yakutsk, 1968.
In Russian translation:
Iagel’ v inee. Moscow, 1966.