Ivan Mozgov

Mozgov, Ivan Efimovich


Born Jan. 7 (20), 1906, in the village of Malygino, Dmitrov District, Moscow Province. Soviet veterinary pharmacologist. Academician of the Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences (1956). Became a member of the CPSU in 1937.

In 1930, Mozgov graduated from the Moscow Zooveterinary Institute. Beginning in 1938 he headed the subdepartment of pharmacology of Moscow Veterinary Academy. From 1956 to 1968 he was the assistant academician-secretary of the department of animal breeding of the Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He was the rector of the Moscow Veterinary Academy from 1958 to 1961 and the deputy minister of agriculture of the USSR in 1961 and 1962. Mozgov has been concerned primarily with the pharmacologic prevention of infectious and invasive diseases of animals and the pharmacologic stimulation of animal growth to increase productivity. He has been awarded three orders and various medals.


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