Ivan Orlov

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Orlov, Ivan Ivanovich


Born June 19 (July 1), 1861, in the village of Meledino, present-day Sosnovskoe Raion, Gorky Oblast; died Dec. 11, 1928, in Moscow. Russian inventor of printing methods and equipment.

Orlov graduated from the Stroganov School of Drafting in 1882. From 1886 to 1928 (with interruptions), he worked in Goznak (until 1919, the Special Office for Preparation of State Documents). He was one of the pioneers of industrial applications of photography in Russia. In 1885 he developed a method of producing banknotes from cloth. In 1890 he invented a method of single-run multicolor printing (called Orlov printing). In about 1898 he invented a pneumatic feeder. Orlov’s inventions were exhibited at the Paris Exposition and the Chicago World’s Fair. In 1902 they were awarded prizes by the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.


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