Ivan Semenovich Povalo-Shveikovskii

Povalo-Shveikovskii, Ivan Semenovich


Born circa 1787; died May 10 (22), 1845, in the city of Kurgan. Decembrist, colonel (1816), commander of the Saratov Infantry Regiment from 1821.

Povalo-Shveikovskii began his military career in 1801. He served in the Patriotic War of 1812 and the foreign campaigns of 1813–14. In 1823, while in Bobruisk, he became a member of the Southern Society of Decembrists, on behalf of whom he traveled to St. Petersburg. He conducted negotiations with the Polish Patriotic Society. Povalo-Shveikovskii expressed agreement with the proposed regicide as well as a willingness to participate in an armed uprising. However, when an uprising of the Chernigov Regiment did break out in December 1825, he refused to participate. He was condemned to 20 years at hard labor and lived in exile in Kurgan from 1839.


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