Ivan Semenovich Unkovskii

Unkovskii, Ivan Semenovich


Born 1822; died 1886. Russian navigator, admiral, explorer of the continental coast of the Sea of Japan.

From 1852 to 1854, Unkovskii commanded the frigate Pallada in E. V. Putiatin’s squadron. Under Unkovskii’s direction the eastern coast of Korea from 35° to 42° 20′ N lat. was described and mapped, as was the adjacent section of the Russian coast from 130° 40’ to 135° 15′ E long. In addition, the islands of Putiatin, Rikord, Reineke, and Rimskii-Korsakov in Petr Velikii Bay, Pos’et Bay, and Ol’ga Gulf were discovered in 1854.