Ivan Shlatter

Shlatter, Ivan Andreevich


Born Feb. 19 (Mar. 1), 1708, in Berlin; died Jan. 23 (Feb. 3), 1768, in St. Petersburg. Russian scientist and state figure.

Shlatter joined the staff of the assay laboratory of the Berg-Kollegiia in 1722. He took a position at the mint in St. Petersburg in 1724 and was appointed director in 1754. From 1760 to 1768, Shlatter was president of the Berg-Kollegiia.

Shlatter improved the methods used in coining and in the smelting of precious metals. He also proposed a refining method in which gold and silver are separated pyrometallurgically and the extracted argentous gold is treated hydrometallurgically. Shlatter’s principal works dealt with mining, metallurgy, assaying, and hydraulic and steam power systems. They were used as textbooks at metallurgical schools, the Mining School, and, later, the Cadet School of Mining.


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