Ivan Shust

Shust, Ivan


Year of birth unknown; died December 1670 near the city of Koz’modem’iansk. Participant in the Peasant War of 1670–71 under the leadership of S. T. Razin.

A posadskii chelovek (merchant or artisan) from the city of Koz’modem’iansk, Shust led the uprising that broke out in the city in October 1670 upon the approach of a detachment of Ra-zin’s troops. He became one of the group of five people elected by the inhabitants of Koz’modem’iansk to govern the city. He established communication with the rebellious peasants of the neighboring villages and detachments of Mari troops. In November 1670 the forces of the tsarist voevoda (military commander) Prince D. A. Bariatinskii took Koz’modem’iansk. Shust was taken prisoner and executed with a group of his supporters.