Ivan Timofeevich Glebov

Glebov, Ivan Timofeevich


Born June 24 (July 6), 1806, in the village of Glebovo Gorodishche in present-day Riazan’ Oblast; died Nov. 10 (22), 1884. Russian physiologist and anatomist.

Glebov graduated from the Moscow Academy of Medicine and Surgery in 1830 and became a professor ordinarius there in 1841. In 1842 he became a professor at Moscow University’s newly created subdepartment of comparative anatomy and physiology, where he introduced the teaching of microscopic anatomy. He was with the St. Petersburg Academy of Medicine and Surgery from 1857. Glebov developed and popularized experimental physiology in Russia. His written works include a monograph on the physiology of appetite and hunger (1856), wherein he set forth his position on “uncertain muscular sensation” and on the phenomena of inhibition in the nervous system.