Ivan Vyrodkov

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Vyrodkov, Ivan Grigor’evich


Died circa 1563-64. Russian military engineer with the rank of secretary (d’iak).

Vyrodkov is mentioned in historical sources beginning in 1538. He participated in the campaigns against Kazan, and in 1551 he constructed the wooden fortress of Sviiazhsk near Kazan in 28 days. The fortress served as the jumping-off point for the Russian capture of Kazan. In 1552, during the storming of Kazan, he directed fortification works and built a 13 m seige tower in one night. In 1557 he constructed a for-tress and harbor at the mouth of the Narva River and a for-tress in Galich. In 1563 Vyrodkov commanded a peasant levy during the Polotsk campaign. He was executed for unknown reasons.


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