IvanKovo Reservoir

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Ivan’Kovo Reservoir


(also known as Volga Reservoir and “Moscow Sea”), a reservoir in the southeast part of Kalinin Oblast, RSFSR. It was created in 1937 by the construction of the Ivan’kovo Hydroengineering Complex on the Volga River. The reservoir has an area of 327 sq km, a volume of 1.12 cu km, an average depth of 3.4 m, and a maximum depth of 19 m. It is divided into three parts according to natural conditions and regime—the Ivan’kovo, Volga, and Shosha pools. The water level varies as much as 4.5 meters. The reservoir supplies water to the city of Moscow and provides water for the Moscow Ship Canal and the Moscow River. There is commercial fishing (bream, pike, pike-perch) as well as hunting for waterfowl. The Ivan’kovo Reservoir is often visited by sports fishermen and tourists. The cities of Konakovo and Kalinin are situated on the reservoir.


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