Ivanainen, Karl

Ivanainen, Karl Adamovich


(also K.A. Ivanain). Born in 1857 in St. Petersburg; died in 1887, in Kara, Siberia. Russian worker and revolutionary. Born into a Finnish petit bourgeois family.

Ivanainen was a metalworker at the St. Petersburg Cartridge Factory. He attended meetings of the Chaikovskii Circle in 1873 and was active in the Northern Union of Russian Workers in the 1870’s. He was arrested in December 1877 and exiled to Olonets Province in 1879. Ivanainen settled in Odessa in 1880, where he joined M.N. Trigoni’s People’s Will group. He was arrested in Moscow in December 1881 and sentenced two years later to 15 years at hard labor in Kara. Ivanainen committed suicide in 1887.