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a city (since 1954) in Kingisepp Raion, Leningrad Oblast, RSFSR; situated on the right bank of the Narva River, opposite the city of Narva, Estonian SSR. A railroad station on the Leningrad-Tallinn line, 159 km west of Leningrad.

Ivangorod was founded by Ivan III Vasil’evich in 1492 and was known in German documents of the late 15th century as Counter-Narva. The fortress of Ivangorod (built 1492–1610), with its strong stone walls and ten towers, was the first Russian defense complex with a symmetrical rectangular plan. In the 16th century, Ivangorod repeatedly withstood attacks by Germans, Swedes, and Poles. It was controlled by the Swedes from 1581 to 1590 and from 1612 to 1704; it was liberated by Russian troops in 1704.

Ivangorod is the site of the Narva Hydroelectric Power Plant, a plant producing boiler auxiliary equipment and pipelines, a linen and jute factory, and a fish-processing plant.


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From an economic standpoint, even the poorest areas of eastern Estonia have a significantly higher standard of living than Ivangorod right across the border.
Worse, budget strictures after 1910 had prompted abandonment of the Ivangorod Fortress at the extreme western terminus of the corridor.
"People in Narva can, of course, see across the river and see that life is not better in Ivangorod in Russia, so they are happy where they are," said Andres Kasekamp, a political science professor at Estonia's Tartu University.
Between the towns of Narva and Ivangorod the river flows over the Baltic klint, forming Narva waterfall, which was among the most powerful waterfalls in Europe before the river was dammed (Suuroja, 2005).
Koren' from the well-studied sections at several localities along the Russian part of the Baltic-Ladoga Klint (Putilovo, Babino, Ivangorod, and Kingisepp quarries, on the Popovka and Lava rivers) (Fig.
Along with the aid to the hospital, the charity helps kids in three orphanages--one in Ivangorod and two in Kingisepp.
In the coming weeks the GoSwift system will also be launched at the Ivangorod and Shumilkino border-crossing points.