Ivanov, Aleksei Andreevich

Ivanov, Aleksei Andreevich


(pseudonym, Kiunde). Born Jan. 4 (16), 1898, in the village of Suntar, Kangalassy District; died Oct. 30, 1934, in Yakutsk. Soviet Yakut writer and literary critic.

Ivanov graduated from the Irkutsk Teachers Seminary in 1917. He participated in the struggle to establish Soviet power in Yakutia. His first works were published in 1923. Ivanov is the author of the collection of verses Red Glow (1926) and the collection Stories (1927). He was one of the pioneers of Yakut fiction (Dormidont’s Family, Marba, and The Ominous Frog ). His plays also received recognition in their time: In a Remote Taiga Spot (1927), In Those Years, During the Dark Night, and Lights of the Commune. Ivanov was a linguist, teacher, and literary critic (The Artistic Form of Yakut Poetry, 1930).


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In Russian translation:
[“Stikhotvoreniia.”] In the collection Pod severnym siianiem. Moscow, 1947.


Ocherk istorii iakutskoi sovetskoi literatury. Moscow, 1970.