Ivanov, Ilia Ivanovich

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Ivanov, Il’ia Ivanovich


Born July 20 (Aug. 1), 1870, in the city of Shchigry, in present-day Kursk Oblast. Died Mar. 20, 1932, in Alma-Ata. Soviet biologist and professor (1907).

Ivanov graduated from the University of Kharkov in 1896. He worked at the State Institute of Experimental Veterinary Science (1917–21, 1924–30), the Central Experimental Station on Questions of the Reproduction of Domestic Animals (1920-24), the Moscow Higher Zootechnical Institute (1928–30), and the Kazakh Veterinary and Zootechnical Institute (1931–32). He initiated the study of the problems of the biology of the propagation of farm animals and worked out a zootechnical method of artificial insemination, which was improved by his school and is used widely in animal husbandry in the USSR. He recommended the use of interspecific hybridization in animal husbandry to breed new strains.


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Ivanov, Il’ia Ivanovich


Born Aug. 1 (13), 1899, in Briansk; died May 2, 1967, in Leningrad. Soviet artillery designer and scientist, doctor of technological sciences, Hero of Socialist Labor (1940), lieutenant general of the engineering service (1951). Became a member of the CPSU in 1946.

Ivanov volunteered for the Red Army in 1918, participating in the defense of Petrograd and graduating from engineering artillery courses in 1921 and from the Artillery Academy in 1928. Ivanov helped develop new models of artillery weapons and directed the design and construction of such weapons as the 280-mm mortar, the 210-mm gun, the 305-mm howitzer, the 100-mm antiaircraft gun, and the 130-mm two-gun turret mount. An instructor at the Dzerzhinskii Artillery Academy from 1932 to 1937, he wrote many scientific works, the most important of which is Fundamentals of Gun Carriage Calculationand Design (1933). Ivanov was awarded the State Prize of the USSR (1943, 1946), four Orders of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, the Order of Kutuzov Second Class, the Order of the Patriotic War First Class, the Order of the Red Star, and medals.

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