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a city in Sverdlovsk Oblast, RSFSR. Located in the northern Urals, on the IvdeP River (Ob’ River basin) near the confluence of the IvdeP and Loz’va rivers. Located 126 km north of Serov, IvdeP is a railroad junction on the line to Serov, Polu-nochnoe, and Sergino. Population, 15,000 (1970). There is a wood-products combine and a hydrolysis plant in the city. IvdeP also has a museum of local lore. Near IvdeP are an iron mine and a limestone quarry, and timber is cut in the vicinity. The city was established in 1943 on the basis of the village of Nikito-Ivdel’.

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Saum is located 60 km from the town of Ivdel (population of approximately 16,000) and approximately 240 km from Polymetal's Voro processing plant.
Station Latitude (N) Longitude (E) Elevation (m) 22217 Kandalaksa 6715[degrees] 32.35[degrees] 25 22271 Sojna 6788[degrees] 44.13[degrees] 16 22820 Petrozavodsk 61.81[degrees] 34.26[degrees] 110 22845 Kargopol 61.50[degrees] 38.93[degrees] 126 23205 Narjan-Mar 67.63[degrees] 53.03[degrees] 12 23804 Syktyvkar 61.66[degrees] 50.85[degrees] 116 23921 Ivdel 60.68[degrees] 60.45[degrees] 95 26063 St.
This was the first stage of the Polunochnaya ore mill in the Ivdel district.
Address : 624590, Sverdlovsk Region, Ivdel G, Ul Aleksandra Voroshilova, 6
Address : The Russian Federation, 624582, Sverdlovsk region, Ivdel g, p Pelym, Karl Marx, 5 -