Ivnik, Ivan Nikolaevich

Ivnik, Ivan Nikolaevich


Born May 27 (June 9), 1914, in the village of Siaval-Murat, in present-day Vurnary Raion, Chuvash ASSR; died May 28, 1942, in Cheboksary. Soviet Chuvash poet and translator.

Ivnik’s poems were first published in 1929. He was the author of the epic lyrical poems Pavlik Morozov (1934) and Ivan Kirillov (1935), the collections Spring (1937), New Poems (1937), Lyric Poetry (1939), and The Book of Poems (1940), and the series of poems for children Warm Wind (1939) and Our Happiness (1939). Ivnik’s poetry is romantic and melodious. He translated the works of A.S. Pushkin, M. Iu. Lermontov, T.G. Shev-chenko, V.V. Mayakovsky, and M.V. Isakovskii into Chuvash.


Lirika. Shupashkar, 1968.


Chuvashskie pisateli: Biobibliograficheskii spravochnik. Cheboksary, 1964.