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Talking about the enhancements in IVR solution, directors of Ecosmob added, “With the recent advances in IVR solutions or systems, enterprises can save on man-power and improved employee resources, while serving the clients' requirements.
Ifbyphone's cloud-based IVR solution has a simple, intuitive web-form interface that guides users through the IVR configuration process.
Industry experts estimate that a 50-agent call center can realize a savings of 25% by deploying a hosted IVR platform vs.
Compared to other automated services, QS/1's IVR offers the most benefits for your dollar.
This report profiles research participants in a case study format, sharing current IVR practices, lessons learned, challenges overcome, plans for the future, and business practices that have led to improved IVR performance.
An extract from IVR Improvement Strategies 2008, a new research report published by the Ascent Group, Inc.
Identify key drivers for investment in outbound IVR applications by vertical in the North American and Western European markets.
0 and IP Contact Centers - An Unbeatable Duo II-11 Hosted IVR Market-Poised for Momentous Growth II-12 Innovative Pricing Strategies to Boost Growth II-12 IVR Systems - Backbone for Internet Telephony II-12 VXML and SALT: Battling it Out II-12 United States- The Unconquered Monarch of IVR Market II-13 Asia-Pacific - Taking A Clue from its Western Counterparts II-13
Key Analysis: IVR strategies and approaches, IVR deployment drivers, IVR objectives, IVR measurement techniques, IVR technologies and features, and promotional campaigns.
This databook covers the market trends and forecasts IVR port shipments and revenues from 2006 - 2012.