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In Near Eastern architecture, a large porch or hall with a pointed barrel vault, as in the Sassanian palace at Ctesiphon and many later Islamic structures where it served as an entrance.
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In Middle Asian dwellings, mosques, and so on, a terrace with a flat roof supported by columns or pillars.

(2) A spacious vaulted building which opens onto an interior court on one side. In Parthian and Sassanid architecture the iwans served as reception halls in palaces—for example, the Kukhe-Khodzha Palace on the territory of what is now Iran, and the Sassanid Ctesiphon Palace on the territory of what is now Iraq. In the Middle Ages they were widely used in palace and cult architecture of the Middle and Near East—for example, in the mosques of Isfahan, the palace in Sarvestan (Iran), and the mosques of Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Herat (Afghanistan), and many others.

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A large vaulted hall having one side open to a court; prevalent in Parthian, Sassanian, and Muslim architecture.
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